Why cat?

We’ve all heard that the phrase “you are what you eat” and unfortunately for some of our furry best friends, this could mean taking on some especially unsavory habits. One of these habits being – eating cat poop. As a self-proclaimed cat expert, let’s dive into why our dogs do this and how we can help them kick this nasty habit.

First off, why do dogs eat cat poop? Well, there are actually a few different reasons that could be at play here. For some dogs, it’s simply a matter of taste – to them, it may just be an irresistible treat. Others may be experiencing nutrient deficiencies and are trying to supplement their diet with the nutritional value found in feces. And then there are those dogs who are just plain bored and are looking for a little extra excitement in their day. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to note that this behavior is not uncommon and is nothing to be too worried about.

Now, as a cat lover, I can attest that cat poop is probably one of the least desirable things that any animal could consume. So, what can we do to help our furry friends kick this habit? The first, and arguably most important step, is prevention. As gross as it may be, keeping your cat’s litter box clean and out of reach of your dog can go a long way in eliminating this behavior. Additionally, consider adding a deterrent to the litter box – a few shakes of cayenne pepper or a sprinkle of bitter apple spray should do the trick.

If prevention isn’t enough and your dog continues to chow down on cat poop, it may be time to consult with your vet. They can help rule out any underlying medical conditions that could be causing your dog to crave feces and recommend any necessary dietary changes. Additionally, your vet may recommend some behavioral training to help your dog break this habit.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that a dog eating cat poop is not a reflection of your pet parenting skills or your dog’s overall health. It may seem gross and downright bizarre to us, but for our furry friends, it’s just another day in the life. So, let’s all take a deep breath, sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the litter box, and keep on loving our beloved pets (even if they do have an occasional gross habit).

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